Family Youth Enrichment Community Development  Center

 Family Youth Enrichment Commuity Development Center :

Family Youth Enrichment Community Development Center was
founded in June 2006. This organization was granted as
a non-profit 501 (3) and incorporated in June 2009. The
community based organization is designed to help at-risk
youth, adults, and families transform their challenges
to opportunities. Since our inception, the Family Youth
Enrichment CDC through partnering with Three Square
Food Bank and individual support has been able to
assist over 1,400 families with food, clothing, and basic
needs monthly. The Family Youth Enrichment CDC has
focused on the long-term issues that face our communities.
Our Summer Enrichment Program is broken into four weeks
summer. The projects and activities are created by CCSD Teacher.
Mathemathics, reading, writing, science, social
studies, financial adviser, dance, physical education, swimming,
arts & crafts, southen NV 4H and field trips. We recruit volunteers
from high schools and colleges mentor and  tutor campers.
The summer enrichment program operates from 8am to 3pm daily.
Participants are provided with three meals per day.
Services are free to the families.


  • The Family Resource Center helps youth and adults
expand their vocational abilites and provide
them with positive community and cultural activities.
  • Youth Programs: Family Youth Center is committed
to closing the achievement gap, along with providing
students with the opportunity to see the world in a
different light. In addition, FYECDC promotes healthy
habits by providing two free meals and a snack during
the summer months to children 2 to 18 years of age.
Students who attend the summer camp receive education,
dance, art programs, athletic activities, tutoring programs,
youth summer jobs and leadership skills.
  • Mobile Food Programs: Nevada is one of only 10 
states where food insecurity rates exceed the national
average. Thanks to Three Square Food Bank,  Family
Youth mobile pantry provides food to over 800 families
per month. Food is given out every Tuesday at no cost.
  • Health Awareness: Thanks to UNLV 4H presenters
and CPR represenatve, Family Youth Health awareness
program provides people with information related to
heart disease, diabetics, upper respiratory disease,
smoking, teen pregnancy and obesity.
  • Toys for Tots:December
We Also Offer
Notary Service
CPR/First Aide Certification
Health care provider information
Mental Health Connections
Mobile food pantries serving thousands in hard-hit areas
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